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Royal Wing Boomerang “Circle Hook”

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Royal Wing Boomerang “Circle Hook”


The Circle Hook Boomerang  is something very special, not only from its design. You must to know that if more a boomerang looks like a circle, then it generates less lift up. That means those boomerangs be typical for very long distance flights. Not so easy to throw and catch, but so cool to see them flying. With practise also it become easy to throw and catch for advanced and expert throwers. To have one boomerang makes fun, but it grows with different types of designs. Because every piece must be thrown and catched on different ways. Also the view in the air is completely different. Its comparable with golf, because there you also don´t play only with one racket. Beside using as sports equipment, the Circle Hook can also be used as noble gift, impressive wall decoration, collecting piece, award, status symbol and having a lot of fun.


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Hooks nearly everywhere be used for different things, but for particularly round models being given the prefix Circle. The name is better known in the sport of fishing, which defines self-hooking fish hooks. We think, however, that this name also applies to this special boomerang because of its shape. It has a relatively round, typical hook shape, which stands for typical large throwing distances. You should know that the rounder a boomerang, the less lift it generates overall. The flight is very nice to look at, especially since the Circle Hook is on the move for a long time. It is more for advanced and professional users because of the required strength throw and distance. Both throwing and catching are not so easy. A hook boomerang should not be missing in any “assortment”, especially since these are also quite impressive as a decoration. With a width of 49 cm and a height of 33 cm, our Circle Hook has very powerful dimensions and is heavy at around 124 grams. Depending on the tuning, it tends to be flat or high flying.


Only the highest quality materials are used. It consists two layers each mm birch plywood, was sealed with special oil, several layers primed, varnished with paint and sealed with clear varnish. Real gold powder was used on the wing tips, logo and gold flakes on the back. Worthful high quality moissanite stones in 3mm and 8mm size ( 2 carat ), are used. This makes the luxury boomerang a real “piece of jewelry”. But also thanks to the valuable solid wood frame on which all metal parts are 23,75k gold-plated. Even the engraving plate is something special, because it was not punched out of a metal plate, but cast in a complex process and then polished. The luxurious transport bag made of genuine leather also tops off the entire range.


Flight behavior, appearance and more information can be found on our YouTube video. ( Coming soon )
You can find more information about the used materials and quality here. Information


Your and our health is important to us, that´s why we only use low-pollutant paints on the boomerang.
The Royal Wing Boomerang Crossover is the ideal gift, status symbol, decorative object (wall decoration), piece for collecting and sports equipment for demanding customers.


Size: 49 cm wide x 33 cm high Weight: approx. 124 grams Flight time: approx. 20 seconds flight distance: medium
Wind range: 0-3 Age recommendation: Adults or under adults supervision  Recommendation: from advanced till expert
Tilt angle: 10-30° Horizon angle: 5-15°


Scope of delivery:

– Main boomerang crossover in black / gold colour. Its 23,75K real gold plated. On backside 23K leafgold flakes.
Includes 2x 2 Carat very high quality special selected Moissanite stones ( including certificate IGI ), also 10x 3mm Moissanite stones. Online we have seen comparable pieces be sold till 1200 Dollars each.

– Includes beginner boomerang in white / gold for practice ( or if you don´t want to throw the worthful black one )
Without jewels, but with 23,75K plated metal powder and on backside 23K leafgold flakes. ( Picture not available actually, but if you want see how generally it will look, you can see a white one on the video for our boomerang Crossover  )

– Valuable custom made solid wood frame with many gold-plated metal parts. 2 Versions be available, you must choose.

– Noble and safe luxury packaging.

– Leather bag with 23,75K plated metal parts for better protection, including dust bag.

– Additional equipment like screwdriver, cleaning textile, frame holder
– Manual


Note: Royal Wing boomerangs are not only particularly luxurious, but also larger and heavier than usual. A real “premier class” in itself. EVERY boomerang is tested by us as a wooden blank, and has definitely been caught.


Tip: Despite a little less feeling when dropping, cycling gloves and tennis bracelets are recommended due to the risk of injury when catching. Make sure there is sufficient distance to obstacles. Recommended for adults or under adult supervision. Rings, bracelets and watches should be removed in advance so that the boomerang is not damaged when caught.


* Boomerangs are sports equipment, and no play equipment acc. the toy directive *
* Levels: beginner, advanced, expert. Everyone can have fun with this Crossover boomerang.



  • Information about the historical origin of boomerangs watch now. On Youtube and on this page
  • Requests from private clients or commercial dealer for partnership be always welcome.
  • Versions with synthetic or real diamonds possible on request. If that is choosen, then the frame will be gold plated with 23,75K real gold.
  • This is just the beginning, we have a lot more plans and ideas for boomerangs in future.


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 85 × 62 × 11 cm

Version A ( Luxury ), Version B ( Modern )



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