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Promotional Boomerangs

Boomerangs for companies

Boomerangs are suitable for many purposes, and companies can also benefit from them. With so-called advertising boomerangs you can increase your reputation and increase your reach to customers. You can give or sell boomerangs with your own logo and advertising slogan. In any case, you will receive recognition and attention, which is the basis for further attractive business. The purchase of Royal Wing Boomerangs is therefore an investment that has positive side effects.

Overview of advantages:

– deductible as business expenses

– special product for special customers

– Because of the wide range of possible uses as sports equipment, decorative objects, etc., your company name remains in the focus and memory

– Business friends of the good customer may also become aware of you through the boomerangs

– Enjoy a valuable gift (your important customer feels that someone has really thought about it)

– nothing else is better to express that the customer is always welcome again (like a boomerang coming back, so to speak)

Due to the cost of such boomerangs, the investment is of course only worthwhile for really important customers, for example when it comes to a lot of money. For example luxury cars, yachts, real estate, private jets, luxury watches, jewelry and other luxury products. But also football clubs that want to offer their players something …


It’s not for nothing that people say gifts keep friendship alive. This applies not only in the private sector, but also in the tough economy. Such attentions can sometimes make the difference whether there are follow-up orders or not. Of course, there is often a certain calculation behind this, but gifts can also come from the heart. For example, if you are happy with the customer about a very good and lucrative business. Indirectly, one would say with a Royal Wing boomerang that one would not mind if this joyful state were repeated.


Of course, our boomerangs can also serve as a reward for good performance. Suppose a company looks back on a successful financial year, which was achieved through strong employee performance. Why shouldn’t you just give everyone a Royal Wing boomerang? That will definitely spur us on.

Strengthen the bond

Football clubs, companies, authorities, etc. could offer a sensible leisure opportunity with a complete set of Royal Wing boomerangs. You do not give away the boomerangs, otherwise they are simply made available to your employees, players, etc. free of charge. This ensures variety and strengthens the bond between them.


Of course you can also earn money with our boomerangs. We produce an individual boomerang with your logo for you. Either the logo is simply integrated into an existing model, or we develop our own design. This is understandably only worthwhile if you have access to something “more solvent customers”.

Wall decorations

Every company wants its customers to come back again and again to buy goods or services. Coming back = boomerang (returnees) With a corresponding saying on the engraving plate, customers could be indirectly encouraged to do so.

– “Come back to us, we look forward to seeing you”.

– “Because of our quality, customers keep coming back to us like a boomerang!”

– “Come back to us, it’s worth it!”

– “You are always welcome again with us”

For example, you could use them for the purpose in the casino, hotels, betting shops, department stores, jewelers, etc.

You will surely come up with other options why advertising boomerangs are a good investment for companies. At Royal Wing Boomerangs we are the strong partner at your side.


The logo is shown with gold or platinum in the middle of the boomerang. To do this, a recess is lasered into the boomerang and then coated with the precious metal by hand. You also have the option of choosing an individual saying on the engraving plate. The color of the boomerang is usually black, but a larger number of other colors such as red, blue, green, pink, purple, white, etc. would also be possible. Ask us, we would be happy to work with you to find a suitable solution.

Other services: promotional videos and training

We offer promotional videos for consumers, or rather boomerang throwers. It is an interesting video that you can use to generate attention e.g. could spread in Youtube. This could be important, for example, for actors, politicians, athletes, star lawyers, VIPs, YouTube stars, etc. So people who indirectly earn money with their own level of awareness. The main part of the video is definitely throwing our boomerangs, but maybe you can spice up the video with another component. For example, a challenge when fishing, power kite flying (stunt kite), golf, mini golf, diving, karting, paintball, … a small challenge, so to speak, which the customer can choose himself. Overall, you will have a lot of fun producing such a video. You can use the finished video where and how you want. We would also publish it on this homepage and on our social media channels. However, if you are interested in such a video, but shy away from the public, you can of course also contact us.

Companies can not only give away Royal Wing boomerangs, but also offer instruction or training. For example to individual important customers.

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