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Product Info

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Product information about Royal Wing Boomerangs

Normal boomerangs are offered in a wide variety. The price is usually in a price range around 30 – 100 EUR. But you don’t get much more than a wood with a lacquer layer. They certainly fly and serve their purpose, but with our products we are entering an unprecedented dimension. More exclusive, luxurious, bigger and more beautiful doesn’t really work anymore. Some quality features are obvious, while others are described in this description.


Overview of environmental aspects

Both our own and the health of our customers are very important to us. Whenever possible, we therefore use materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible.



This is a special Finnish plywood, which is glued waterproof, hard and particularly resistant. It comes from sustainable forestry. For our products, therefore, no tropical wood needs to be cut from a jungle.



Every product has to be packed somehow. You can’t do without it, but we do not use any or hardly any film for this, but packaging with mainly paper and cardboard. For example, a cardboard box, corrugated cardboard, paper envelope, etc., even the adhesive tape is made of paper. Ecology and luxury can be wonderfully complemented.



This is a topic that we almost got sick of ourselves. Incredible how many questionable paints are available in the trade. At first we were ignorant of various varnishes with description components such as

– only for commercial users (too dangerous for private users?)
– Causes serious eye irritation
– Causes allergic skin reactions and irritation
– Causes drowsiness and dizziness
– Keep away from food, beverages and animal feed
– Must not be disposed together with household garbage
– Do not allow to enter water courses, sewers or ground water
– Carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to reproduction
– must be diluted with a special solvent, which is also relatively toxic

That made us completely rethink. But producing in an environmentally friendly and health-friendly way is much more complex. We had to look for an alternative for a long time, but it was definitely worth it. The primer, color coat and clear coat are water-based and can also be diluted with water (for the spray gun). This paint is officially suitable for children’s toys (that alone says it all) and has an environmental badge for particularly low-solvent paints. Even the spray gun etc. can be cleaned with water. Excess paint can be allowed to dry and then disposed of with household waste. We can therefore sell you the boomerangs with a clear conscience.

The disadvantage is the much longer drying time. The clear lacquer also does not quite reach the hardness of a 2-component lacquer. However, we didn’t have to think for a second to choose the environmentally and health-friendly option. In this case, this always has top priority.


Other components such as oil, spatula, adhesive, etc.

The “poison cocktails” continued with other means. So we had to look for appropriate alternatives for each component. The oil is a mixture of natural oils, the wood-imitation spatula is just as harmless, and a bio-adhesive was used for the adhesive. Whenever possible, we choose ecological materials and auxiliaries. This is more expensive, but the health and environment should be worth that much.


Used material

We use only the best materials for Royal Wing Boomerangs. This also includes real gold, platinum and silver in forms such as powder, flakes, sheets and jewels. Here is a more detailed overview for the “gold version”.



– solid wood
– topped with metal by hand
– All metal parts are gilded with real 999 hard gold
– massive cast engraving plate
– Including gold-plated fastening hook
– fine velvet fabric



– 999 gold flakes on the back
– Real 999 gold powder for the main boomerang as a coating for the wings
– Gold leaf for the logo (if a logo is available)
– Gold-plated large jewel holder
– small jewel holder made of gold-plated silver



You can optionally choose from three options. Moissanite (as the best diamond substitute), synthetic diamond and natural diamond. Moissanite are the standard configuration. Please do not compare “apples with pears”, the price of jewels is determined by various quality factors such as color, purity, size / weight (carat), cut, origin, …

– Moissanite are synthetic stones, but in principle the best possible diamond substitute. They are almost as hard and sometimes even have a stronger “fire”. 2 carats in the best possible quality as we use them are sometimes sold up to 500 EUR per piece on the Internet.

– Synthetic diamonds are 100% real diamonds, just not natural and promoted in the mining industry. The price is far below that of natural diamonds. In this respect, they are also a good “alternative”. We would be happy to make you an offer on request.

– Natural diamonds are a very special league, also in terms of price. But they are hardly subject to fluctuations in value and are absolutely rare. We would be happy to make you an offer on request.


Carrying case

– D-ring, hook and zipper are gold-plated with real gold
– The bag is made of high quality genuine cow leather
– Metallic and noble brocade fabric for the lining

A short story, why we didn’t choose the even better quality of calf leather. No question, the quality of calf leather, i.e. young cattle, has an even finer, softer and better structure. That’s why a lot of luxury brands use this leather to justify an even higher price. However, when we found out that calves were slaughtered at just under 22 weeks (less than 6 months), which is only 2% of natural life expectancy, calf leather was no longer an issue. We don’t want to support something like that with our product. That is why we use very high quality leather from adult cattle. Luxury yes, but not at the expense of animals.


Luxury box

– Solid wood with high quality paintwork



Not every boomerang developed on the computer flies well. Sometimes you have to keep improving the shape until you get an excellent result. Some versions actually didn’t look that good. This is what makes development so time-consuming, complicated and expensive. No wonder that the development of a car devours several billion. It doesn’t cost us that much, of course, but we try to build the best possible boomerangs with our budget.


Throw tests

Every boomerang sold is subjected to a throwing test before being sold. Only when he is caught does he leave our factory.



Nowadays everything is copied unabashedly, taking the illegal but convenient way. This avoids high development costs and can logically offer the product cheaper. However, plagiarisms are usually only of inferior quality. In addition, a fake remains a fake, which is why it is actually worthless. Reselling is also punishable. It is also the responsibility of the manufacturer to prevent something like this. We have also taken various measures.



Every boomerang is delivered with 2 certificates of authenticity. One for the gemstones from a recognized certification institute and one for ourselves for the boomerangs, the frame and the transport bag. Every boomerang is given a unique identification number, so we know exactly who was sold.


Special features

In addition, we have integrated additional security features into the products.


Scope of delivery

Carrying case
Training boomerang
Main boomerang
Luxury box

How you want to use the boomerangs is of course up to you. Whether pure wall decoration or fitness equipment, versatility is the strength of this product. If you throw the boomerang, there is of course always the risk of damage and scratches. With normal and careful handling, they can tolerate a lot. We have boomerangs ourselves, which still look very handsome after hundreds of litters.

On the back, it’s no coincidence that we used gold flakes here. Damage or scratches can hardly be recognized. The flakes not only look good, but are basically a camouflage pattern. This was also taken into account in the primer, which was kept in the color of the main paint. Even if there is damage or scratches, if the clear lacquer and colored lacquer penetrate, you will still hardly see anything because of the primer.

The clear varnish naturally also protects the boomerang, even if it does not become quite as hard as, for example, 2K varnishes (which chemically harden). See explanation above. By the way, the delivery also includes a practice boomerang. Before throwing the valuable main boomerang, you can first gain experience with it. This is attached to the back of the frame.

You see, with these unique boomerangs, everything was thought of. It is an absolutely noble product for very special customers.

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