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Versatile use of the Royal Wing boomerangs

So far, all boomerangs worldwide have been used more or less exclusively as sports equipment. No question, that is certainly the main purpose of having a lot of fun with it. But Royal Wing Boomerangs makes a lot more of it with its creativity and developments. There has never been a luxury boomerang in this form, but let yourself be convinced by the wide range of possible uses.


Sports equipment with a fun factor

As already mentioned, the Royal Wing boomerangs are sports equipment that could be used from the age of 16, but are actually designed for adults. If you get the hang of it, you will have a lot of fun with it. This increases with the number of models, because each has its own characteristics. In theory, you can spend days, weeks or months dealing with it. Something is always different, the wind, the weather, the environment, friends, etc., so that there is never a dull moment. If not, what should a sporty and fun hobby look like?



A 30 euro boomerang would hardly be nailed to the wall demonstratively. Our luxury boomerangs are a completely different caliber. The cast engraving plate made of cast and gilded brass alone costs almost three times as much. In the Royal Wing Boomerangs, all of the components come together like a puzzle to create a work of art. A real “piece of jewelry” in the truest sense of the word, not least because of the precious metals and gemstones used. Even the packaging underlines the claim of luxury decoration for the highest demands. You can no doubt use these boomerangs as sports equipment, but at the same time also upgrade your home furnishings.


Status symbol

You usually show what you have. Others can use this to read the social status, since not everyone can afford such exclusive, noble and expensive luxury products. Royal Wing Boomerangs are definitely one of them. In any case, they will attract increased attention and admiration.



Whether for friends, family or business partners, with gifts you show your appreciation. That is precisely why our products are exactly the right choice. They are unique, valuable, versatile and beautiful to look at. Above all, that would be really something new, in contrast to the “standard gift” wine, perfume, vouchers, money, etc., where you can actually always be wrong.


Loading finishing

Our boomerangs can not only be used privately as decoration for the home, but can also be used to upgrade restaurants, pubs, doctor’s surgeries, sales rooms such as jewelers, galleries, etc. A noble interior, of course, also indirectly attracts customers.



Unfortunately, this aspect is completely forgotten or underestimated. Nowadays it is much too rare to get out into nature. A lack of exercise does not exactly ensure good health. Too often, people look for and find reasons to stay at home or stay in the office. You need a hanger, an interesting activity that is fun and at the same time has a positive side effect. This applies exactly to the boomerang sport. You are in nature, keep moving without overexerting yourself. If you want to catch boomerangs coming down a little further away, you can also work up a sweat. You should always keep in mind that your own health is priceless, because then an investment in Royal Wing Boomerangs will be easier. No matter whether you buy one, five, ten or the complete program.


Connects people

You can deal with boomerangs without any problems, but it is all the more fun especially in company. You can even get into conversation with completely strange people. Our heart boomerangs in particular speak for themselves. As a gift, you can indicate that someone has a golden heart, or that a certain person means a lot to someone.


Own a unique product

Rarity and exclusivity have always been of interest to people. You want to put yourself in the spotlight with such products and become as covetous as the luxury product itself. In any case, your own self-confidence is strengthened. Within a certain population group there is already something like, who has the largest, longest, most expensive, best, most exclusive, ….. More unique than Royal Wing Boomerangs is actually no more.


Attract attention

Silence is silver, talking is gold. This creates business contacts, so you have more success in your job. But this is certainly also helpful when looking for a partner and other social contacts. However, topics of conversation do not fall from the sky, you have to create opportunities yourself. If you have bought the hundredth watch, it is certainly no longer such a great “hanger”. With a boomerang, a collection or the whole program, you would have a completely new aspect in your hand. You don’t really have to do much, because you are often spoken to by others without intervention when throwing or visiting the house.


Passion for collecting

There are people who collect all kinds of things. Dolls, lighters, cars, shoes, coins, stamps, handbags, weapons, … Of course you can also collect Royal Wing boomerangs, especially as we are constantly expanding our offer. There are currently 26 different boomerangs available, but more are in development.


Treat yourself to something

Does every issue have to make 100% sense? Or do you have to justify yourself? Many and more and more people have so much money that they can no longer be spent until the end of their lives. In the end, all that remains is to give away or bequeath to surviving dependents, because, as you know, you cannot take your fortune with you. So why not just treat yourself to something good and treat yourself? With boomerangs from Royal Wing you still have something of it at least during your lifetime.


Advertising for business

Our advertising boomerangs have a positive effect for companies. We would be happy to produce boomerangs with your logo for you, or even with your own design for larger quantities. You could give these away to potential customers, or of course to important existing customers, business partners, etc. You could, for example, interpret it symbolically. “We would be delighted if you would come back to us again and again.” Of course, you can also earn money with our luxury boomerangs.


Free supplement

Our boomerangs can also be used as an additional side dish for very expensive luxury products. For example, when buying a luxury car, helicopter, private jet, luxury yacht, private island, luxury villa, mobile home, etc. In this way, you deepen customer loyalty with an additional “extra”.

Conclusion: As you can see, there are countless possibilities with luxury boomerangs from Royal Wing. That is why it is worth buying them even more.

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