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FAQ - Royal Wing Boomerangs

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You may find the answer for yourself !


It happens often that people ask the same questions to our company, luxury boomerangs, partnerships, and so on. Thats why we have created here a frequently asked questions section, so that you can upyourself find the suitable answers easy and fast. Right now we have collected 9 questions and answers, but this list will be continiously grown. If you don´t find the the right answer on the frequently asked questions, then don´t hesitate to contact us. We try to help as soon as possible. In that case please CONTACT us.

Can consumers also buy boomerangs on this homepage?

No, we cannot and may not for legal reasons. We only sell to commercial customers, i.e. companies, jewelers, galleries, online shops, authorities, wholesalers, etc. However, consumers can find a suitable dealer on our homepage.

Are these boomerangs coming back at all?

Of course, all of our boomerangs will come back. Otherwise it would not be a returning boomerang, but a throwing wood flying straight. Before delivery, each boomerang is tested for its flight characteristics and has definitely been caught at least once.

How can I become an official Royal Wing Boomerangs dealer?

The basic requirement is a trade, otherwise you should be able to serve the appropriate customers. To put it bluntly, with a “junk shop” you will probably never sell a Royal Wing boomerang. After all, it is a high-priced product. Typical sellers would be, for example, jewelers, galleries, luxury shop operators, yacht yards, luxury car manufacturers, luxury watch sellers, wholesalers for luxury products, … Please also note our terms and conditions, sales through flea markets, Amazon, Ebay, and other third-party marketplaces are not permitted. Are you unsure? In that case, just contact us. inquiry

The boomerang is not coming back, what can I do?

Read our instructions for boomerang handling

If the problem still persists, please feel free to contact us and describe the case. We then endeavor to identify and solve the problem. All boomerangs have been tested and are catchable. Maybe the boomerang has warped over time, as a left-hander you throw a right-handed boomerang, …. There can be many reasons.

Where can I buy Royal Wing boomerangs as a consumer?

You can buy them from countless dealers worldwide. You can find these via our dealer search

Can individual advertising boomerangs also be produced for companies?

Of course that is also possible. You simply choose a boomerang and we integrate your company logo on it. Or we develop a very own boomerang model for you with a shaped logo in the middle of the boomerang. All of this is not a problem, but the effort is only worthwhile if a larger number is also ordered. Just contact us.

Are metals such as gold, platinum or silver actually used?

Yes, it’s not something that looks like these precious metals, it’s really almost pure gold, platinum, and silver. The gold leaf we use has, for example, 23.75 carats. The same applies to the powder gold for the main boomerang, the powder silver for the practice boomerang has 99.9% purity, etc. Of course, the value of our boomerangs is correspondingly high.

Can our boomerangs also be sold on Amazon, Ebay, etc.?

No, we exclude this from our terms and conditions. We would like to know our luxury boomerangs in an appropriate environment and maintain our reputation. Our products should not be offered at “cheap sales outlets”, including flea markets.

Aren't the boomerangs too good to throw?

Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves. Some say it would be a shame to just hang them on the wall to admire. They are too valuable for others to risk damage when thrown. In our opinion, you should also throw the boomerangs, because there are other aspects involved. Having fun, moving and being in nature, having a nice hobby, making friends and contacts, etc. If you have some practice with the litter, the boomerangs will look good for a long time. We particularly recommend throwing on softer ground, i.e. meadows and lawns. You must also take off rings, bracelets and watches so that there is no damage to the boomerang. By the way, signs of wear and tear appear sympathetic to other people, because this shows that you can not only hang beautiful things on the wall, but also a practical boomerang fan.

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