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PRESS - Royal Wing Boomerangs

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Whether you come from a large media company, TV station, radio, online news service, or personal blog, everyone is welcome. We look forward to contributions to our company and products. In the start-up phase in particular, high-coverage reporting is helpful in finding customers and sales partners. We hope you will find all the information you need, otherwise contact us.

Some Additional Informations

Development time: 3,5 Years
Owner: Has been developing boomerangs for over 35 years
Offer: 10 different Boomerangs
Future: More designs and ideas will be coming soon. Actually its only the beginning, but much is planned.
Preorder: For better start and organising production its better to know the volume of interest

How did you come up with the idea of making luxury boomerangs?

I have been fascinated by boomerangs since childhood and never let go. What could be more natural than to turn the hobby into a profession at some point. In industrialized nations, however, you have no chance of surviving the low-priced competition. In India you can rent a large upper-class house for 50 dollars a month, in Germany you can’t even get a car garage for it. Somebody from India can certainly make a living from it, but you don’t have a chance here. Many hobbyists and companies have come and quickly gone because it’s just not worth it. At prices around EUR 30-50 you cannot hire employees, invest in modern machines, take a vacation, get sick, pay enough into the pension scheme, probably not even afford a car, etc. The profit margin is simply too low. Based on this, the idea arose to create something unique and luxurious that had never been before. You can then charge higher prices for this and build a “real” company with employees. But this is an ambitious undertaking that takes up a lot of time, money and nerves. What is behind it until you can present a finished product is usually completely underestimated.

How does the "high price" come about?

It’s not a normal boomerang, but rather a unique piece of jewelry (there is nothing like it) for the wall, in the truest sense of the word. A well thought-out and coherent overall concept, whereby only the best materials are used. Real leather, real gold in different variations for the gilding, a high-quality frame in better quality than some museums use, valuable gemstones (in the USA moissanite gemstones are sold up to 1200 dollars in the same quality), a lot of accessories, etc. The Love is literally in the details. Of course, things like development, marketing, production costs, investments in machines, employees, import costs from suppliers, ….. The list of cost factors is very long for such a complex product. Ultimately, the state does not want to have too few taxes and dealers want to earn money from sales.

Which target group should be served?

With wealthy people, we have a very clearly defined target group. Anyone who can afford a car for 100,000 EUR, a watch for 20,000 EUR, a villa for a million, a luxury yacht, etc., can also afford our luxury boomerangs without any problems. In Germany alone there are a whopping 1.535 million millionaires. There are nearly 25 million people worldwide with assets of $ 1 million or more. Sufficient potential customers for our products. Normal earners do not have to be sad and do without the boomerang, because there are enough offers on the market in the low-priced segment of around 30-50 EUR.

What are the future plans?

The offer is to be continuously expanded, and we are already working on it. As I said, the 10 boomerangs are just the beginning. There will be more boomerang designs to come, and the implementation of some more spectacular ideas. If you want to achieve something, it doesn’t make sense to do what others have already done. You have to be better, smarter and more creative if you want to justify higher prices. In any case, investments should be made in a reasonable production hall, modern machines, capable employees, expansion of the range, further increases in quality, etc.

What are the hallmarks of the high quality of Royal Wing boomerangs?

Some things are only recognizable at second glance, but it makes a difference in quality. For example, the use of a massive engraving plate instead of a “tin plate”, screwed instead of glued, eliminating the stapling on the frame, elaborate painting of the boomerang (many layers), use of environmentally friendly paint (which takes longer to harden, which in the end means more time and money costs), counterfeit protection, etc. Only the best is good enough for Royal Wing Boomerangs. You can find more about quality here

Why would an accusation of cultural appropriation be completely wrong?

Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation has been around for centuries and has persisted until today. When someone confronts us with the accusation of cultural appropriation, it is like someone saying “How can you do that, you already know that the earth is flat?”. In other words, the knowledge used comes from days gone by and is no longer up-to-date at all. We don’t need to acquire anything, we simply have our own throwing wood and boomerang culture. There is more information in text form here history of boomerangs or here edited as a video

Do you also care about the environment?

Definitely, at least we want to do our part. For example, we use an environmentally friendly paint for the boomerangs, which you could even use for children’s toys. But we also try to find compatible solutions for sealing oil, repair fillers, etc. Even the generation of electricity for production is to be generated using solar energy in the future. Another plan is to reclaim forest, which could bind much more CO2 and produce oxygen than arable land, meadows, etc. We would therefore like to use part of the profit to buy land and convert it into a managed mixed forest. The profit generated from this will then be used to cover the hospitality costs and to purchase additional land. The forest area should become ever larger and we should ultimately be able to produce climate-neutral or, better, climate-positive.

If you need more informations, pictures in higher resolution, videos, have questions, … then please contact us.

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