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    I am interested in buying as private customer so much boomerangs
    I am interested in buying as commercial dealer so much boomerangs

    I am also interested in the optional versions with
    lab grown diamonds or nature diamonds. *

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    The non-binding pre-order does not result in a sales contract or obligation between Royal Wing Boomerangs and the interested party. With the confirmation, the interested party only agrees to be informed by Royal Wing Boomerangs as soon as the desired product is available, or questions about the request must be clearified.



    We have over 30 years experiance in developing and building boomerangs. But we start this manufactory fresh and thats why a preorder period is helpful for starting and calculating the production. Sure, our products be luxury and not everyone can buy them, but on the other side its absolutely unique, spectacular idea, great concept, flexible to use, …. Thats why we expect a high demand and good market. If this period is successful, then you can be sure its going on with more cool things. Partly we are already working on other innovative ideas. So its just the beginning. If private or commercial customer, together with us something magical can be reached. Please support us with buying our boomerangs and filling out the preorder formular.

    Its optional, but if you want, you can use the text field for giving us more precise informations. For example which type of boomerang you like, when you need our products..

    If you like what we do, it will be also helpful if you can tell other friends, business partner, your jeweller, luxury shop, newspaper, and so on from us.

    If you have questions, proposals, what else, then please feel free to contact us by letter, mail or phone.

    •   Address: Ifflandstrasse 35, 30169 Hanover, Germany
    •   Telephone: +49 (0) 511 -16 65 94 68
    •   Mail Address:
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