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Security for private and commercial Clients

We are mainly interested in long-term business relationships, because this is the only way to be really successful. That is why we offer high quality products here, so that consumers are happy and satisfied. Commercial customers can see from our membership in the dealer association and from the Exali liability insurance, that we are insured and trustworthy, or that we can be proven to exist. You can often hear about fake shops on the Internet. However, we are represented in the luxury sector and are also aware of this high level of responsibility. We always have an open ear for suggestions, concerns, needs and questions from our business partners and are also easily accessible. We also help end consumers, please let us know your concerns in writing. Contact

In principle, we only deliver against prepayment, but for large orders you can also split them. For example, if you want to buy 100 boomerangs, just order 33, then 33 and finally 34 copies. In this way you would minimize your risk, but you actually do not take any risk with us. You can trust us 100%.

There are no secrets and only full transparency in every way.

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