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German manufacturer for luxury boomerangs – Royal Wing Boomerangs

Premium manufacturer from Germany with the aim of building the best, noblest and highest quality boomerangs. Everyone knows boomerangs nowadays, but more in connection with children’s toys. We at Royal Wing Boomerangs create a whole new dimension with our products. In the truest sense of the word, because our boomerangs are large and heavy. This classifies them more for adults, whether as sports equipment or wall decoration. As a manufacturer, we offer you an absolutely high-quality and sophisticated product that has never before been available anywhere in the world. ALL boomerangs are always tested for perfect flight characteristics before delivery. You can therefore trust us in every respect, because we always rely on satisfied customers and long-term business relationships.



All of our models were created in a lengthy development phase. This means a lot of work, testing, changing, discarding, starting over, etc. Some designs fly excellently, but do not meet our requirements for a classy look. With other boomerangs, the opposite is the case. Behind every perfect Royal Wing from our point of view is a lot of passion, work and creativity. It is also worthwhile to drop by our shop from time to time, because we are constantly developing more luxury boomerangs. The next ones are already in the “starting blocks”.



You can only be successful in an industry if you really show passion from the heart. From planning to the final product, nothing is left to chance. Even the smallest details can make the subtle difference, although these often don’t even have to be visible. For example, whether the boomerang has been oiled and primed beforehand, or which ingredients are used in paints, etc. You can be sure that at Royal Wing Boomerangs we use only the best raw materials and materials for an absolutely noble end product. In contrast to some other boomerang on the market, ours can be caught if handled correctly. Appearance and quality are so good that all Royal Wings are real wall jewelry, can be given away, etc. Another proof of the material quality are the high-quality solid wood frame with impact metal, cast and gold-plated brass plate, elegant luxury packaging, …


Environmentally Friendly

This chapter is intended to “shake awake” all people and boomerang friends, because a lot of toxins are mostly used in the production. It takes a lot more time and money if you really want to make it health and environmentally friendly. Protecting our customers, but also ourselves, is very important to us. As an example we would like to mention the paints. The most robust and hardest are 2K paints, often referred to as piano paints. This hardens in a chemical reaction. But if you look at the ingredients, you will understand why there is only a recommendation for commercial users. Toxic to aquatic organisms, causes severe eye irritation, allergic skin reactions, do not breathe in, caustic effect, carcinogenicity, mutagenicity and toxicity for reproduction, endangering drinking water, … Even reading it made us feel sick. It doesn’t have to be because there are alternatives. Car paints in spray cans are also often used for boomerangs, but these are also not health and environmental friendly because they contain large amounts of solvents, plasticizers and other additives.

For the boomerangs, on the other hand, we use water-dilutable and water-based paints from a paint manufacturer with very few solvents in comparison. This varnish has even been awarded a well-known “Blue Angel” environmental label and can also be used for children’s toys. That speaks for itself, because children’s toys are usually examined and checked very carefully. Let’s put it this way, every varnish has to be handled with care, but we try to make our products as health and environmentally friendly as possible. There is only one disadvantage, because it makes production more expensive. Water-based paints dry considerably more slowly and, as a result, dust particles could settle for a long time. However, health is always a priority, which is why it is the right way. We also pay attention in other places, for example, a so-called bio-glue is used for woodwork, etc.

Conclusion: You don’t see such differences as a customer, but something like that can make up the difference in quality.


Special Wishes

Special requests are of course also (mostly) possible on request. For example, if you want real diamonds to give boomerangs a color, etc. Talk to us so that we can find a solution together.


Security & Trust

Trust is the basis of long-term business relationships and satisfied customers. In all respects, you can be sure that we will do everything for the best possible product and smooth delivery. We ensure 100% transparency and are always open to suggestions, tips, tips and questions. You are welcome to call us at 0511 -16659468 or write us a message contact



Some people are mistaken about boomerangs. The best material is not solid wood as it can break very easily. Every professional will always use specimens made of special birch plywood. The more layers, the better. Our practice boomerangs have 8 layers at 4mm and the 5mm main boomerangs have 10 layers. It doesn’t get any better than this. Our quality standards are also evident in other areas. For example, you can recognize it by the solid wood frame, which was hand-coated with metal, all small parts are gold-plated for attachment with real gold, the brass plate was not stamped, but instead was solidly cast from brass and then gold-plated, etc. Real gold is also shaped on the main boomerang used by powder, gold leaf and gold flakes. Even the gemstones are valuable and not just made of simple glass. No wonder, then, that Royal Wing boomerangs can almost be classified as a piece of jewelry and a work of art.


International Premium Brand

Our products are so unique that they are already known worldwide. This is also linked to our brand, with which you combine quality, trust and luxury.


Worldwide Sales Network

Royal Wing Boomerangs can be bought worldwide, because our many sales partners ensure that. Whether jeweler, gallery, wholesaler, shop operator, luxury article dealer, government agency or other business partner, we are happy and happy about further sellers at any time. Would you like to be there too? Then simply register on our homepage or contact us. Inquiry


More Offers

Promotional Boomerangs:

A: We also offer the service for companies to develop and produce their own boomerang. With your big gold logo or platinum logo. You can then either give away such boomerangs to your customers (e.g. as a loyalty bonus), or simply sell them. Because of the development costs, this is of course only worthwhile for somewhat larger quantities. Just ask us, together we will find a solution.
B: We offer promotional videos for private individuals. It is a mixture of training and having fun with our range of boomerangs, possibly combined with another activity such as golf, RC racing model boating, karting, fishing, etc. It is intended for people who want and need to be in the spotlight, e.g. Actors, politicians, athletes, etc. The whole thing will be filmed so that an interesting video is created, which can then be published on YouTube etc. We would also like to post it on our channel and website. The prices depend on the number of days, country, effort, etc. Inquiries be welcome.

More Informations to promotional Boomerangs


With Royal Wing Boomerangs you have a reliable and strong partner at your side as a business partner. For consumers, we offer absolutely high-quality luxury boomerangs, which can not only be really caught, but are also a great option as gifts, wall decorations, etc.

* Information about the historical origin of boomerangs watch here.
* Versions with synthetic or real diamonds possible on request.

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