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Royal Wing Boomerangs are really royal in every way!

Boomerangs couldn’t be better, more exclusive, luxury, beautiful and versatile.Especially the noble materials supports this claim to be royal. This statement is also supported by the existing weight and big size. Normal boomerangs usually have a wingspan of around 30 centimeters and weigh just under 50 grams (if at all). Royal Wing Boomerangs, by the way, are up to 55 centimeters wide and up to 150 grams heavy. They are not little “sparrows”, but rather majestic “eagles”.

Particularly striking are the design and the materials used, which were combined in a unique combination. Real gold like gold powder, gold leaf, gold flakes and gold plating is used, depending on your choice, but also silver, platinum, etc. On the extensive accessories we use real leather, solid wood and most time gold-plated metal. This completely new interpretation of boomerangs makes it possible to use them in a variety of ways. As a fine wall decoration (decoration), as sports equipment (fitness), as a valuable gift, as a status symbol or as an art object. You can throw paintings or jewelry, but it never comes back, our Boomerangs for sure.

If private customer or commercial dealer, everyone is welcome here. We start with a non binding preoorder period, so every order is helpful for a fast production in future. Imagine, those actually 10 luxury boomerangs be only the start. More cool stuff is in developing and comes in future.

It is difficult to provide a definitive proof, but contrary to the prevailing opinion, not only the Aborigines from Australia invented them alone. The oldest throwing wood ever found with almost 23,000 years comes from Europe (Poland). However, it was not a returnee, but it is likely that the returnees (boomerangs) developed from the throwing sticks. These were also found in other cultures like in Germany, where a 300 – 800 BC returning boomerang was found. Throwing sticks and boomerangs were also found in parts of Asia, but also in Egypt. Experts suspect the origin in Asia and Europe. Throwing sticks and boomerangs have been part of a wide variety of cultures worldwide. The Aborigines, on the other hand, only use them most intensively till today. Based on the collected facts about invention and usage of boomerangs, a generally cultural appropriation is not possible and nonsense. Only in one case it can be critical. If manufacturer use typical australia symbols like kangaroo, koala, red rock, dot painting of that symbols, company names which suggest buyers a original australia boomerang. Those cheating with fake boomerangs we don´t like also. If you want to know more from real history of boomerangs, then please check this link. More information.

Not everything that glitters like gold is of course gold. In the hobby area were also gold powder, flakes, etc. existing, but this has nothing to do with worthful metal. We from Royal Wing Boomerangs only use the best real raw and expensive materials. For example, gold is plated with almost pure gold electrolyte, the gold powder for the main boomerang has 23 carats, 23 carats for the gold flakes and gold leaf, etc. In the certificate issued by us you will find a more detailed list of the materials from which the objects are  are made. The best is just good enough for Royal Wing Boomerangs.

We also offer major customers the option of creating a completely individual boomerang, which was not yet available in our range. A different shape, color, own logo, etc. can be realized in joint cooperation. Do you have any questions about our advertising boomerangs? In that case, just contact us. Make an inquiry.

We also offer private customers the option of combining them in a boomerang with natural gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, …. Possibly also with synthetic diamonds. Just contact us to discuss all the details. Make an inquiry.

No, because of its value, size and weight, it is more sports equipment for adults. Under supervision and under parental responsibility, younger throwers can of course also try it. But always be careful.

Yes, of course. We sell our boomerangs to private clients, but also to wholesalers, commercial sellers such as luxury shops, furniture stores, jewelers, department stores, etc. Private customers can find informations on this website, and also find a suitable seller in the near via the search. Store locator

Please understand that only registered dealers, who legitimate as commercial sellers can see our special dealer prices. If you want be a partner of Royal Wing Boomerangs then please register. After we have checked the legitimation and agreed the request, you can login and see the dealer prices.

Every manufacturer has to deal with plagiarism / copies, which are often made in poor quality. In principle, their value is almost 0. In addition to the perfect workmanship, the finest materials, etc., we have included other characteristics. For example, a security certificate with hologram, an individual serial number, additional gem certificate, … We are happy to help you clarify on request, whether it is a real luxury boomerang from us or a fake piece.

Definitely. We have taken this requirement into account from the start. However, it was not easy to find good high quality paints, oils, adhesives, etc. based on that. Unfortunately, it is faster, cheaper and easier to use substances that are not harmful to the environment and human health. Of course we use a special water-based varnish with very little solvent, for example, for the boomerangs itself. It even has an environmental badge and is suitable for children’s toys. The disadvantage is that it dries longer and is not so resistant as a 2K lacquer. On the other hand, if you read the information on normal painting products, you will definitely understand our step to think about more on environment and health. The same applies to the impregnation, primer, colored lacquer and clear lacquer. Even when it comes to packaging, we don’t use film, we only use paper. The plywood is also not bonded with a formaldehyde-soaked adhesive. Our own health, that of our customers and of course our environment, must be protected as well as possible. A quality feature, which unfortunately cannot be seen in general on products at first glance. However, you have our promise that we will do our best to produce not on the cost of environment and health.

Note: Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our boomerang offers. We will be happy to help you. Suggestions for improvement / criticism of our homepage also help us to become even better and more efficient.

The real story of boomerangs!

People have been living on this planet for a long time. If they wanted to be successful, weapons had to be developed. Throwing sticks, which have been used all over the world, are one of the simplest. The oldest throwing wood ever was found 23,000 years ago in a cave in Poland, i.e. Europe. Experts believe that the returning boomerangs was developed from these non-returning throwing sticks. A boomerang was found in Germany, which is dated 300-800 BC. Throwing sticks and boomerangs also existed in Egypt, the Netherlands, France, Asia, … The problem is, in our climate, wood dissolves over time. Otherwise a lot more boomerangs would been found.

Why do much people think that boomerangs be only cultural used and invented in Australia ? on other continents, people have invented more effective weapons such as bows and arrows, which have replaced the boomerang. No more modern weapons have been developed in Australia, so that boomerangs are still used intensively as toys, tools and cultural objects. Cultural appropriation is absurd, however, because throwing sticks and boomerangs were used worldwide and independently of people, folk and cultures. Only if someone use typical drawings, symbols such as kangaroos, koalas, cave paintings, red rock, etc. on boomerangs, would it be critical and reprehensible. Our boomerangs therefore do not violate any cultural aspects of the aborigines from australia.


Over the years, various companies have offered a lot of “boomerang scrap”. Not everything that was “crooked” really came back. Royal Wing Boomerangs, on the other hand, has a completely different approach and claim. We just love the work and challenges with the throwing sticks. For this reason and because of a high degree of manual work, we achieve outstanding quality. Knowledge and experience from over 30 years can be found in every boomerang.

Some quality features only become visible at second glance. Each boomerang is sealed with a special natural oil, and each specimen is tested for its flight characteristics. Hard gold plating is also important because there is also less durable soft gold plating possible. The difference is often hidden in tiny details. At Royal Wing Boomerangs, you as a customer can shop always with a good feeling. We love luxury boomerangs and that you can feel and see on our products.


We are always looking for additional partners to expand our sales network. Whether luxury shop, furniture trade, sporting goods distribution, wholesale, retail, luxury brand, jeweler, department store, etc., we look forward to building a successful and long-term cooperation with you to mutual benefit.

This does not only apply to Germany, because the market for exclusive luxury products is huge worldwide. For example in America, China, France, Italy, Canada, Japan, England, … Use these big promising options together with us. With these unique products, we have created a completely new sales market, because nothing comparable has been existing before. All over the world, people always want something new, and not necessarily the luxury bag No. 15.

After registering, you have the opportunity to purchase our boomerangs. Alternatively, contact us by phone at +49 (0) 511 -16 65 94 68 or by email.





Trees are the lungs of our earth, but all over the world forests are turning into intensively used fields. However, these hardly produce any oxygen and accordingly also convert less climate-damaging CO2. In addition, many animals lose valuable habitats. We are all affected by this unpleasant development. However, it is of no use just to speak; actions should follow. Royal Wing Boomerangs would like to do their part to achieve a transformation back.

With part of the income we would like to buy arable land, meadows, etc. in Germany and reforest with trees. Cultivated mixed forests with valuable tree varieties are to be created. The maintenance of the forest is paid for from the sales proceeds, but even more space is bought again so that the forest / forests continue to grow and finance themselves. With this plan, we will be able to produce completely climate-neutrally in the future. So every boomerang sold will help.



You can find internal news and developments, new boomerang models, cooperations, market changes and much more on the topic here in our news area.


Some well-known companies that work with Royal Wing Boomerangs. If you are also interested, please contact us.

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